Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece Aniara during the height of the Cold War right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb Aniara is th

  • Title: Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem
  • Author: Harry Martinson Stephen Klass Leif Sjöberg
  • ISBN: 9781885266637
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb Aniara is the story of a luxurious space ship, loaded with 8,000 evacuees, fleeing an Earth made uninhabitable by Man s technological arrogance A malfunction knocks the craft off courThe great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb Aniara is the story of a luxurious space ship, loaded with 8,000 evacuees, fleeing an Earth made uninhabitable by Man s technological arrogance A malfunction knocks the craft off course, taking these would be Mars colonists on an irreversible journey into deep space Aniara is a book of prophecy, a panoramic view of humanity s possible fate It has been translated into seven languages and adapted into a popular avant garde opera This volume is the first complete English language version and received the prestigious American Scandinavian Foundation Award.

    Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem Harry Martinson Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem Paperback September , by Harry Martinson Author Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem by Harry Martinson Aniara is the story of a luxurious space ship, loaded with , evacuees, fleeing an Earth made uninhabitable by Man s technological arrogance A malfunction knocks the craft off cour The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb. Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem Dinara Tengri Mar , Aniara is a poem about a spaceship that is bound to Mars but that gets set off course, and proceeds to drift aimlessly through space As the thousands of passengers aboard Aniara witness their vessel leave our solar system, they re trying ANIARA An Epic Science Fiction Poem Rain Taxi Aniara is a spaceship or gondoler as it is called in the poem gone awry Originally bound for Mars, the craft is instead launched out of the Solar System, and into an existential struggle that lends itself to Teilhard de Chardin or Taoism than pulp science fiction. Customer reviews Aniara An Epic Science Aniara, by Harry Martinsson, is about a space ship which is damaged, in such a way that the people travelling with it can no longer control where they are going This makes for a fascinating read, unlike anything you have ever read The main problem about Aniara is that noone can tell you what it is like, you have to see for yourself. ANIARA POEM PDF litultrabarub Aniara An Epic Science Fiction Poem More than anything else, though, Aniara , in posing big eternal questions about God, human nature, and our place in the scheme of thingscaptures the immensity of the universe and the brevity and inconsequentiality of our own existence.

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    • Harry Martinson Stephen Klass Leif Sjöberg

      Harry Martinson May 6, 1904 February 11, 1978 was a Swedish sailor, author and poet In 1949 he was elected into the Swedish Academy He was awarded a joint Nobel Prize in Literature in 1974, for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos , together with fellow Swede Eyvind Johnson The choice was very controversial, as both Martinson and Johnson were members of the academy and had partaken in endorsing themselves as laureates.He has been called the great reformer of 20th century Swedish poetry, the most original of the writers called proletarian.

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    • Of all Nobels on my shelves, Harry Martinson's Aniara is the one I have reflected on the most, unable to put it into comprehensible context, and to give it an honest and fair evaluation. I don't claim to be able to do it now either, but I can't stand the idea of this favourite being left to travel in a void, straight ahead into space without any recognition from me, the grateful reader. It has shaped my relation to Swedish literature more than anything else. Being a poem, a science fiction post- [...]

    • oh my good friends, i've stumbled on a little treasure that is hidden wonder. billed as an 'epic science fiction poem', 'aniara' was the crowning achievment of harry martinson. i came across this author, while digging into past nobel prize winners and seeing that martinson (along with another member of the swedish academy - yeah that's the group that decides who wins the award) was given the nobel prize over that years favorites: graham greene, vladimir nabokov, and saul bellow. bellow eventuall [...]

    • they played a game of chess with infinity.I don't know where to start with this review, so I'll just leave that quote up there and say my goal is to learn Swedish so I can get a copy in the original language and read it again. In Swedish. Did I mention Swedish?This poem is amazing.

    • Metáfora muy negra de la trayectoria vital del ser humano, perdido en el estéril vacío de un cosmos inmenso e indiferente. Un viaje terrible en el que en todo momento cargamos con el atroz conocimiento de que vamos hacia una muerte vacía de significado (una idea que Thomas Ligotti emplea y amplía en su "La conspiración contra la raza humana"), y con la convicción de que lo malo que ocurre en el mundo es culpa nuestra.Me ha gustado mucho como Martinson, un poeta que nada tiene que ver con [...]

    • "Aniara" es un poemario constituido por 103 cantos, publicado en 1956 por el premio Nobel sueco Harry Martinson y ahora traducido y prosificado por Carmen Montes Cano. Cito su nombre porque es obligado, puesto que la tarea de volcado al castellano se me antoja un auténtico tour de force. Personalmente, he tardado en aclimatarme a ese proceso, pero una vez asimilado, la lectura se ha convertido para mí en una auténtica delicia, un proceso de navegación tan armónico que la primera palabra que [...]

    • "An Epic Science Fiction Poem" må låta obskyrt och pretentiöst. Hade nog aldrig läst den om det inte vore för litteraturvetenskap A. Men oooo som jag gillade denna! Detta diktepos från -56 är inte som någon annan poesi jag läst tidigare. Martinson har gjort något så fascinerande som att korsa sci-fi och poesi, och framföra det i 103 sånger - ett epos om ett folk som flyr en jord förstörd av människans påhitt. Ombord på skeppet Aniara går allting utför, hoppet sinar, och männ [...]

    • Den här texten må vara upptakten till Martinssons Nobelpris, men det förändrar. Ingenting. Det här var verkligen inte min grej alls. Poesin gick mig helt över huvudet. Kändes helt slumpmässig då den inte håller någon fast form utan byts från kapitel till kapitel. Jag är nog inte tillräckligt smart för det där.

    • Un curioso libricino che racconta la vicenda di un'astronave alla deriva, senza più un luogo a cui tornare e senza la possibilità di approdare ad un nuovo inizio, perduta nello spazio e destinata ad una lunga parabola discendente e ad una inevitabile e tragica fine. Una sorta di poema epico rivisitato in chiave fantascientifica che, nonostante le premesse apparentemente interessanti, non mi ha minimamente coinvolta e poco mi ha trasmesso. Il più grande problema che ho riscontrato è stato - e [...]

    • Nobel Prize ProjectYear: 1974Winner: Harry MartinsonReview: This is a lyrical account of a group of people fleeing the destruction of Earth who are hurtled into the reaches outer space and are forced to confront the insignificance of mankind in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It's a beautiful, though bleak, book filled with great lines and fine observations. If the idea of an science fiction poem that confronts atomic age era fears appeals to you, this is about as good as it can be. It's an odd, [...]

    • A spaceship hurtles towards a distant constellation, going faster than anything in human history but essentially standing still from a relative point of view.That wasn't the point, of course. They were just supposed to be temporarily evacuated to Mars and Venus while Earth "recovers". All of humanity being shipped out on spaceships - each one just making a routine trip, just on a much grander scale. Except for the Aniara which gets hit by a meteor shower. Her steering gets knocked out, her SOSs [...]

    • (English review farther down) 79Vi kom från jorden, Doris land,klenoden i vårt solsystem,det enda klot där Livet fåttett land av mjölk och honung.Beskriv de landskap som där fanns,de dagar som där grydde.Beskriv den människa som i glanssitt släktes likdräkt syddetills Gud och Satan hand i handi ett förstört, förgiftat landkring berg och backar flyddeför människan: askans konung. I love these old science-fiction classics. They are peculiar and unafraid of standing out, sharp and cl [...]

    • Si tuviera que resumir Aniara en una palabra sería "ínfulas". ¿Os imagináis que Góngora escribiera ciencia ficción? Eso es Aniara. ¿Cómo llegué hasta este libro? A través de "The great escape", un disco de Seventh Wonder que incluye un tema de 30 minutos sobre esta epopeya espacial. La idea me pareció interesantísima y vi que estaba basada en este poema de Martinson. Iba dispuesto a que me gustara. Quería que me encantara. Pero no: es mejor la canción, hasta el punto de que, al cer [...]

    • "That was how the solar system closedits vaulted gateway of the purest crystaland severed spaceship Aniara’s companyfrom all the bonds and pledges of the sun.Thus given over to the shock-stiff voidwe spread the call-sign Aniara widein glass-clear boundlessness, but picked up nothing.Though space-vibrations faithfully bore roundour proud Aniara’s last communiqué on widening rings, in spheres and cupolasit moved through empty space, thrown away.In anguish sent by us in Aniaraour call-sigh fad [...]

    • هناك جماليات كثيرة في هذه الملحمة الرمزية ، ولكن جزء كبير منه تظلمه الترجمة الى لغة اخرى ، هناك مقاطع يمكن اسقاطها على هجرات الانسان المتكررة و هناك مقاطع يمكن اسقاطها على مناح عدة من الحياة ، يفضل ان تضع عنوان عريض قبل ان تتوقف عن القراءة لكي يسهل عليك المتابعة لاحقا ، و العن [...]

    • Suelo ser muy cabal con lo que leo y cuando hablo de un libro procuro no apoyarme en elementos poco tangibles; intento analizar cuidadosamente qué es lo que funciona y lo que no (hasta dónde soy capaz de llegar). Pero con Aniara me ocurre que no puedo decirlo claramente. De hecho, ni siquiera he sido capaz de entender exactamente qué estaba leyendo mientras lo hacía ni porqué me atraía tanto si a la vez era consciente de que no entendía ni la mitad de lo que Martinson quería transmitir c [...]

    • I loved loved this book. There was something absolutely special about it. I couldn't really describe the content (which is kind of a plot written in a poetic way kind of just connected poems or something along those lines) if I was asked to but it made me feel. Even though it is hard to understand and paradoxal and slightly odd at times, I really got a feeling for it. It was relatable in an existential way and I was left with a feeling of wonder. Hard to explain but I definitely recommend it.

    • These days, Harry Martinson tends to be summarily dismissed (mainly by those who haven't read him) as one of the unworthy Nobel laureates, a man who, alongside his compatriot, and fellow Academy member, Eyvind Johnson, scooped the prize in 1974, purely out of cronyism (and supposedly ahead of Nabokov, Graham Green and Saul Bellow). It's a real shame that this should be his legacy, because it overshadows a rags-to-riches talent that in its best moments bordered on rare genius.'Aniara', generally [...]

    • An immense spaceship drifts deeper into space, away from an Earth ravaged by nuclear holocaust. Wonderfully melancholic and at times painfully tragic, reading Harry Martinson's sci-fi poem (here in the original Swedish) is a great but uneven experience. I found the first third or so, as well as the finale, to be the most powerful, while the middle part failed to hold my interest in the same way. Some parts are excellent, but at other times the text feels confusing and contrived. I'm also not cra [...]

    • Oh, how I wish I could understand the original Swedish version! Hats off to the translators - I can imagine the amount of research and foreign language skills needed to achieve a decent version of this for international readers. What a grand idea, a science fiction poem! Poetry in and about space, the tragic flaw of the main character (our species) shut in a capsule and shot into cosmic dimensions. It's unbelievable this gem is out of print and I was lucky to find a second hand copy from some ob [...]

    • Kind of disappointing. Stanza by stanza, most of it is really great poetry. But like some other modern literature, it's unnecessarily hard to understand and often doesn't make clear what is metaphor and what is literally happening.The book is organized as a succession of short poems about the people living on a spaceship that is drifting away from the solar system after being disabled by an accident. The main theme is to contrast their longing for Earth with the horror of their memories of the n [...]

    • Aniara känns arkaisk, omständlig och perfekt om man vill ta kål på läsintresset hos en tonåring. Om man älskar poesi och domedagsprofetior får den nog ett högre betyg.

    • En av mina absoluta favoritböcker. Så vackert. Stressade dock igenom den denna gång, men vet att jag kommer läsa den igen.

    • This is verse that makes the hair on my skin stand on end, both due to its linguistic beauty and its message. I am often sad about missing out on poetry in its original language, but wow, I am glad to be able to read Aniara in my native tongue. It's always a mighty experience.

    • Lite förundrad att jag inte hade hört talas om den tidigare, rent tematiskt helt min stil, och utförandet är strålande

    • Es una pasada cómo está escrito, y la traducción es una pasada, pero La historia en sí no me ha atraído especialmente. Se me hacía algo pesado (y suerte que es un libro que se lee rápido)

    • I don't think a normal novel would get away with being this dark and depressing. The prose/poem in this is beautifully written and expressed but it's incredibly dark.

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