Falling Immortality

Falling Immortality Debut hard boiled mystery fiction for men Stephen King s son describes a fitting genre as MANfiction the opposite of Chick lit Casey Holden former cop current PI in Virginia Beach VA screens his

  • Title: Falling Immortality
  • Author: Robert Downs
  • ISBN: 9781568251264
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Debut, hard boiled mystery fiction for men Stephen King s son describes a fitting genre as MANfiction the opposite of Chick lit Casey Holden, former cop, current PI in Virginia Beach, VA, screens his clients the way he screens his women, based on whichever drop dead gorgeous woman happens to waltz through his door first and manages to hold his attention So when FeliciDebut, hard boiled mystery fiction for men Stephen King s son describes a fitting genre as MANfiction the opposite of Chick lit Casey Holden, former cop, current PI in Virginia Beach, VA, screens his clients the way he screens his women, based on whichever drop dead gorgeous woman happens to waltz through his door first and manages to hold his attention So when Felicity Farren, widow at large, struts into his office asking him to solve the two year old murder of her husband Artis, she intrigues him When Casey starts digging, he learns the murder isn t what it seems to be and he doesn t have a big enough shovel to unearth the truth And to top it all off, his former rival at the police department, Greg Gilman, is determined to disrupt his investigation Casey s challenge is to learn what really happened to Artis, and why Gilman can t seem to remove his head from his butt And he ll need all of his wits to complete the task.

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    • Robert Downs

      Robert Downs aspired to be a writer before he realized how difficult the writing process was Fortunately, he d already fallen in love with the craft, otherwise his tales might never have seen print Originally from West Virginia, he has lived in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and now resides in California When he s not writing, Downs can be found reading, reviewing, blogging, or smiling To find out about his latest projects, or to reach out to him on the Internet, visit the author s website RobertDowns Penchant For Vengeance is his fifth novel.

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    • I received this book as a giveaway in First Reads program. Spoiler alert - do not read further if you don't want anything given away please.I've been thinking on how I would frame the review for this book for a while. It took me over a month to read this book that usually would take me an afternoon.Casey Holden is a private investigator living off a trust fund, so basically he does the P.I. thing for kicks, after he left the police force. He gets hired by some hot girl to look into the murder o [...]

    • This book about a wise-cracking, irreverent, sort of monogamous PI trying to solve a cold case murder had me grinning on occasion, but also wanting some kind of action and a bit more forward movement. It's an interesting book, to be sure, but oh, my goodness, Casey just doesn't ever shut up. Not that it's a bad thing, but his never-serious manner got a wee bit on my nerves about half-way through. I stuck with it, and the ending, while perhaps predictable, was satisfying.Not exactly my book, but [...]

    • Casey Holden is a P.I. who women like,he is a little immoral, unorthodox in his methods and a very confident man. I liked his persistence in solving his cases. Now he has met the Dragon Lady, a women perhaps the first woman not to succumb to his charms. I really think as a first novel by Robert Downs it is wonderful. I can't wait for the next one. I really can't wait to see what happens with the Dragon Lady.

    • Casey Holden was a Private Investigator. His office was located in a warehouse in Norfolk, Virginia. His parents had died and left him wealthy, so money was never an object for him. He played as hard as he worked and took jobs by referral only.Casey was sitting in his office when Felicity, the femme fatale, walked in. She said her husband died two years ago and the police had never found the murderer. She told me it was a freak thing, of course it was. Artis Farren, her husband, was at his local [...]

    • Before you gasp in horror from the unusually low rating I've given, let me put a few things straight: Robert Downs is not necessarily a bad writer and Falling Immortality is not a bad book. Remember my philosophy? There's no such thing as a bad book. However, this book has set off some bombs inside of me that should have been left alone; when a book annoys me that much, I will take it personally, and I will write a review to reflect those feelings. This review may sound highly tempered and sligh [...]

    • Kindle version free via author for honest reviewI must say, if there is a mystery series written for men, this is very much it! I read bits and pieces to my hubby while I was reading it while he was home and he said that it was a book he may have to read himself. Now my hubby is not a book reading kind of guy, but this book definitely peaked even his interest from the parts he heard me read to him. Casey Holden is a private investigator in Virginia and an ex cop. He also is very much a ladies ma [...]

    • For any crime aficionado, I can honestly tell you that you are about to receive a brand new “Stone Barrington” to get involved with over the next few years. Why is that? Because when it comes to Casey Golden, he has all the aspects that Stuart Woods made a fortune on when he introduced his character, Stone Barrington, to the masses.When readers meet this new P.I they soon find out that Casey is actually retired from the police force, and he certainly doesn’t need a great deal of money to l [...]

    • Review of Falling Immortality by Robert DownsI sense in this novel, an ebullience, a buoyancy, which is not present in the 1930’s-1950’s hardboiled detective fiction which it at first resembles. Gone is the dark cloud of cynicism predicting trouble on the horizon of Ross McDonald’s Lew Archer, and other famous fictional investigators. I think Humphrey Bogart, so excellent as Sam Spade in “The Maltese Falcon,” might find it difficult trying to portray Casey Holden, the private investiga [...]

    • The author sent me a copy of this book, along with a request for review.When I read the description, I was hoping for something along the lines of Lawrence Sanders' McNally. The description outstrips the reality, unfortunately.If you like a detective who is immature, shallow and narcissistic, you'll love Casey Holden. If you like reading paragraph after paragraph of dialogue and description that have no apparent connection to the story, you'll love this book. If you're looking for a well-develop [...]

    • Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private InvestigatorBy Robert DownsFormer cop Casey Holden now works as a PI in Virginia Beach where he makes his own hours and takes on only the cases he wants. When a gorgeous chain smoking woman walks through his door and requests that he solve a two year old murder Casey begins to dig. What he uncovers is buried under one lie after another; will he be able to solve a case that the police department wasn’t able to? Casey Holden is a “Man’s Man” fast [...]

    • Former cop, PI Casey holden is investigating a two year old Murder.This was by far the most annoying protagonist i ever met, god hè never shuts up! His inner dialogues, were not that funny but obnoxiouso bad coz the mystery wasn't that bad eventhough it left me with me more questions.It was rally hard to keep my mind from wndering away, i was struggling with his big ego, god he was narcissitic and shallow, so from time to time i started skipping through the dialogues, to get some action and pac [...]

    • Ok, I really hate doing this, but I did not like this book at all. I hope that making Casey so unlikable was the author's intent. It took all I had to actually finish this book. Casey was a pig, for lack of a better word. The plot itself may have been alright, but Casey and his constant inner dialog with himself about women was too distracting. His treatment of women, and pretty much everyone around him was horrible. I just couldn't get past my dislike of Casey to even try to enjoy this book.I c [...]

    • FALLING IMMORTALITY is a PI (private investigator) tale, and my rating for it is really 3.5. By the very nature of its genre, the novel's scope has to be somewhat limited, its focus more precictable, its unfolding plot moving toward one goal --- solving the case, and the expectancies of the protagonist usually set beforehand.In any event, I liked the story: it has well-crafted characters, its own originality, is well-written, has an easy to read style, and I suspect PI buffs will become quite en [...]

    • Casey Holden is sarcastic, rubs a person the wrong way - and doesn’t care. Except for in matters between the sheets; then he’s all sorts of the right way. He’s a former cop, and in-between vacations he’s a Dodge Viper driving PI. Life is easy, and that’s the way he likes it. But then Felicity Farren walks into his office, seeking help to solve the two-year old, unsolved case of her husband’s murder. Felicity comes and goes like the wind, drawing more questions than answers; but Casey [...]

    • Casey is a private eye who will do whatever it takes to solve the case. When Felicity enters his office and talks about her dead husband, Casey is intrigued. When Felicity runs out of the office in the middle of their conversation he decides to get to work. The novel follows Casey as he pumps Ian, his best friend the cop, for information on an old case. When he doesn't get the information he needs there he goes to the witnesses. Even when they aren't willing to talk he somehow manages to see the [...]

    • This book was a free book that i won right from the author Robert DownsIt is about a man name Casey Holden was is a trust fund baby, he's parents died in an accident leaving him a lot of money so he can pick his cases, he is also a ladies guy he sleeps around a lot but is sleeping with two women right now. He use to be a cop but now is a private investigator. He rates himself as a pretty good investigator. But this book is about one of his cases, A women name Felicity Farren she is a widow and s [...]

    • Have you ever wondered how James Bond can walk away from so many disasters with hardly a scratch? It’s a talent shared by Casey Holden, the protagonist of Robert Downs’ Falling Immortality. But Holden’s not immortal, and the women won’t quite always fall for him. He’s a surfer – of internet and waves. He’s an ex-cop with money. And he’d really rather not tax himself with too much work. But he’s quickly drawn into the mystery of who killed his client’s husband. After all, she [...]

    • First and foremost I want to start off this summer of reviews with a new writer, Robert Downs. Downs writes outside of my genre, but his womanizing, old-school sarcastic PI, Casey Holden, had me turning the pages as quickly as they would go. I loved how this PI doesn't solve cases because of the money, but for more of the challenge of hunt. In "Falling Immortality" Holden gets one doosey of a case when Felicity Farren asks him to solve the cold case of who killed her husband. This enigmatic woma [...]

    • 3.5 starsThis book got me interested from the word 'go'. It started off with getting us to know the character of Casey Holden and my, my, what a character. You'll either love him or hate him. I did the former fortunately. However, if you want your detective to behave like one - be a man of few words, insightful and mature, you probably won't like Holden.I adored him though, his light humor had me laughing throughout and don't you dare take him for stupid or a gone case, because he's not. He's ju [...]

    • Casey Holden is a private detective that quit the police force so he could play by his own rules. A self-proclaimed ladies man he enjoys playing the field and dating more than one woman at a time. He is hired by a woman to find out who killed her husband. The police have labeled it a cold case after two years and she isn't satisfied that they did a good enough job finding the killer. Holden is an annoying tenacious character that doesn't give up despite almost dying repeatedly.The mystery part w [...]

    • Falling Immortality was not a book I enjoyed. The reading became like a chore.I strongly disliked the protagonist (Casey Holden), I also disliked the constant and aggravating dialogue. The never-ending discussion about who Casey has slept, wants to sleep with, likes the look of or ogles bugged me, his supposed sense of humour grated my nerves.The women were objectified in this story, they seemed to be fairly stupid, attracted to pig-headed Casey for his 'supposed' charm. On a positive note, I di [...]

    • were to start, I was disappointed with this book.The blurp claimed this was a mystery were a PI is trying to solve the murder of Atis farren who was murdered 2 years ago.All this book seemed to concentrate on was all the women Casey was sleeping with, we were not given an insight in to his character apart from his sexual exploits which in my eyes had nothing to do with the story apart from ruin it.I found all the banter between Casey and his friend Ian to be useless unneeded information that als [...]

    • Reading this book was like having a serious husky voiced PI narrating over my shoulder. The telling is quick and to the point with sarcasm, all suited to a black and white classic film.I found it a very easy read although I didn't necessarily warm to the characters, there was an ongoing banter that drew me into the tale yet left me somewhat removed as if it was being told to me, kind of like the difference between being read to rather than reading it yourself. if that makes sense!Overall it's a [...]

    • I should've known better than to add this to my giveaway list. MANfiction? If that is a euphemism for shallow, sex-crazed, and attention-deficit-disordered, then that is definitely what this is. The wise-cracking would have been fine if it had been maybe once a chapter. But once a paragraph? No conversation goes by without some sort of double-entendre being exchanged. Not only was the main protagonist extremely annoying, but his detective work was sloppy verging on non-existent. There was absolu [...]

    • I won this book on as a giveaway. This story is about Casey Holden a private detective trying to solve a murder case. Unfortunately I could not finish this book. I did not like the main character as he seemed very shallow, half of what I read was about what girl he was sleeping with at this point of the novel or him being sarcastic with his friend. The character just seemed shallow and one dimensional. Also I did not enjoy the writing style. I would say it was about 75% of what I read was conve [...]

    • I received this ebook free in exchange for a review.The Good:Definitely opens with an attention grabbing hook. That's always a plus in my book. Took a while to see Casey as a "real person" But it's there. I enjoyed reading things from a man's POV. That's always a refreshing way to view things.The Bad: After the opening hook it gets info dumpy. Way too much backstory thrown at the reader at one time. The info dump continues off and on throughout the story, which will turn some readers away.

    • I like noir stories. But this is a detective story.The protagonist thinks he's in a noir story, though. He's a smarmy smartass who (I think) we're supposed to like and cheer for. But he comes off as a philandering ass who's only alive because he's lucky, and only solves his cases through a combination of luck and stubbornness.And maybe that's all detectives, really. But reading this story made it feel unpalatable. Is this a true translation of the old pulp dick novels moved to the modern age? I [...]

    • I wasn't overly impressed with this book. I fully understood that this was manfiction, but was hoping that it would still be a good PI read. I was sorely disappointed. I think I heard more about his car and conquests than the actual case. I suppose it does compare to some romance fluff that I've read in the past, I guess that's where the manfiction comes in to play. I might recommend this to a guy looking for an easy read.***Received as a First-read***

    • Casey Holden is a womanizing P.I. who has an unorthodox way of solving cases. At times the story gets bogged down with the authors need for us to know Caseys need for satisfaction with the ladies. He is rough around the edges and hopefully if there is another book he will mellow and be more likable. All in all a good read for a debut. I got this from .

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