The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle I was just minding my business at home when I got a telephone call It was my uncle Samuel S Stingysnout inviting the whole Stilton family to creepy faraway Penny Pincher Castle for a big surprise Mo

  • Title: The Haunted Castle
  • Author: Geronimo Stilton
  • ISBN: 9780545103749
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • I was just minding my business at home when I got a telephone call It was my uncle Samuel S Stingysnout, inviting the whole Stilton family to creepy, faraway Penny Pincher Castle for a big surprise Moldy mozzarella I m not much of a traveling mouse, and I hate surprises But Thea, Trap, and Benjamin were going, so I couldn t say no I could tell this was going to beI was just minding my business at home when I got a telephone call It was my uncle Samuel S Stingysnout, inviting the whole Stilton family to creepy, faraway Penny Pincher Castle for a big surprise Moldy mozzarella I m not much of a traveling mouse, and I hate surprises But Thea, Trap, and Benjamin were going, so I couldn t say no I could tell this was going to be one super spooky trip

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    • Geronimo Stilton

      A pseudonym of Elisabetta Dami, aka Thea Stilton.Elisabetta Dami is an Italian author that currently resides in Italy She is the author of the Geronimo Stilton series, a bestselling childrens book She enjoys traveling the world seeking ideas for her series She writes under a pseudonym of Geronimo Stilton She is also a co owner of Italian based publishing company Edizioni Piemme Her books have been translated into English by Inc.

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    • So far this is the funniest Geronimo Stilton book that's come out. My daughter and I were laying in bed constantly laughing over this book. Geronimo, Thea, Benjamin and Trap are invited to the Stingysnout Castle by Uncle Samuel for a ceremony, but Geronimo can't get Samuel to tell him what kind of ceremony it is. So Geronimo and his crew show up to the Stingysnout castle even though they are all dreading the visit. They don't like to go to the castle because of how stingy uncle Samuel is. When G [...]

    • This book was about Geronimo Stiltons grandfather and he invites the Stiltons to his castle and he says his friend died and they are going to bury him the next morning. Geronimo Stilton sleeps and goes to get tea. He finds his sister doing the same thing, and together they look in the tomb to see if there was a body. They think there is no body because nobody knows there grandfathers friend except his grandfather so they open the lid it was empty. Did he come to life, or was it all fake. Find ou [...]

    • Couldn't deal with it. This book is about the rich side of the family, but they're characterized as "stingy." So far, so Scrooge McDuckbut it's not just that they're viewed as stingy. The rich side of the family appears to be living in awful poverty, perhaps kept there by spending almost all of their money on property taxes. The running joke, then, doesn't come off as rich people being eccentric, but how disgusting it is for poor people to scrape by on food, bathing, transportation, etc.

    • Having previously read the first two Geronimo Stilton books, Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye and The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid (albeit in inverse order), back when he was five, my now-six-year-old and I recently decided to give this book (which is actually #46 in the series) a go.While the first two books were decent mysteries, different in tone from the cartoon show, in part because of the use of Geronimo as narrator, this one breaks the mould (unless this break happened somewhere between bo [...]

    • The book, Geronimo Stilton: the haunted castle was very good and was written quite well. The author works a lot of humor into which I like. I have read a lot of these books throughout the years, and this was probably one of my favorites. Each book in the series is on a completely different topic which is cool because it mixes things up and makes it more enjoyable to read. This one was about how Geronimo and his family got invited to a fake funeral by his family friend that live in a haunted cast [...]

    • It hurts to have to give a Geronimo Stilton book 2 out of 5 stars, but I really couldn't give this particular story a higher rating. We LOVE Geronimo in our house, including all the spinoffs (Spacemice, Micekings, Cavemice, etc.) We chose to read The Haunted Castle as part of the Halloween Season. We thought it would be a fun little spooky story for the season. We were disappointed at best. It started off promising, but the Haunted Castle business lasted about half the book (if that) and we woun [...]

    • The Stilton family gets invited to there uncle's castle. They head over there and they ask why they are here. He answered my friend died and we are going to bury him tomorrow. They all head to bed. Geronimo Stilton tries to go to sleep but he can't. He goes to the kitchen to get tea. He finds his sister and cousin doing the same thing. Together they go check the tomb, because they think there is no body because nobody know there uncle's friend.They open the tomb and find it empty.Did the body co [...]

    • Another popular kids series that I've never read before. The story itself is charming and I liked the narrators voice. I found the change in font exceedingly distracting. I think it's one of those elements that some kids will love and others won't get past. I'm not sure that the change in font really adds anything, so it's probably better without it because there are many kids I recommend the books to (even before I'd read them) who I know would like the stories, but are turned off by the font.

    • Okay, okay. I have to admit a grudging admiration for these books. For one thing, my six-year old loves them. But they are also actually kind of funny--a cut above the usual pun humor in early chapter books. And the visuals and rich cast of characters give a lot of access to the stories. The Stingysnout family is pretty hilariously depicted. To be honest, I think the page my son pores over the most, though, is the one at the end picturing the covers of all the G. S. books!

    • In the book “The Haunted Castle” it was about a mouse named Geronimo that lived in the capital of Mouse Island. The capital of Mouse Island was the city New Mouse. Geronimo ran a newspaper business. He had three brothers and one sister. Every mouse on mouse island was very friendly to each other. The island was very ordinary with no surprises. That all changed one day when Geronimo received a call from his uncle Sam. Sam wanted to have a family and friend party at the creepy castle that was [...]

    • It's a very good book you should get itAwesome my 8 year old girl loved it so much .She did a book report for school. Was her favorite I really love it

    • This book was well written and it had great appeal by both my son and myself. The illistrations in the book provided in-depth detail about the characters in the book and it even provided maps of the fictional town Geronimo Stilton and his family lives in. Even some of the words are illistrated and it helps animate what the characters are saying even further. The story also provided a great mystery which Geronimo solved, as well as, a great second story after he solved the mystery. I highly recom [...]

    • I love books but Geronimo Stilton is one of my favorite books. In this story I liked Uncle Samuel Stingy-snout and his castle Penny Pincher Castle. This story is about a ceremony of Mr. Uncle Bigwig. Uncle Samuel was really a very big penny pincher that's why Geronimo did not like him even Thea ,even Trap and even Benjamin. This story was the best book of Geronimo Stilton and I am sure my friends will also like it

    • I read this book in order to know what happens so I can carry on a conversation with son about it. This is the first book of this series that we picked up and I hope the earlier ones have the same sense of fun as this one. I like how some words are illustrated to help tell the mood of the story. My son will like all the little maps and character bios as well. This is a very well made book and I hope my son likes it as much I did.

    • This story was very exciting and adventurous! I learned that I should not get freaked out of fearsome things like ghosts, zombies, and etc by Geronimo's reactions. I think the characters of this story had various kinds of personalities, which led them to unexpected situations. Overall, I enjoyed this book!

    • It is a blockbuster hit I believe. It is the most interesting story in Geronimo Stilton. It has very less pages like 100 but a very big and a interesting story.It is amazing,adventurous, entertaining and a happy story. It is a best story.

    • uncle Samuel S. Stingysnout has invited the Stingysnout and Stiltons over to penny pincher castle for a make believe funeral (that he made up because of a note he found that said he would have to share the castle with his family) how will this dark scary adventure end?

    • i really thought that this was the best Geronimo Stilton story yet, because it had me really excited that it had me on my toes. i thought that if others of his books were like this he would be even more popular.

    • Je n'aime pas trop les livres de Geronimo Stilton, mais celui-ci etait pas mal. Je ne sais pas si les enfants de la troisieme annee vont l'aimer puisqu'il y a et une funeraille et un marriage dans l'histoire. :)

    • Another cute book. I made my middle DD get this book and she complained non-stop about getting it and then read it all the way home on the bus and read it all afternoon. She really enjoyed this book so much she asked for more money to buy 2 more books.

    • This book Is a book you can keep a say its so AMAZING. If you read half of it then I will tell you it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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