Sinful Surrender

Sinful Surrender Lord James Rutherford fights the inexorable demise of his bachelorhood with every sane bone in his body But the single minded pursuit of the delectable Missy Armstrong entering her fourth London Seaso

  • Title: Sinful Surrender
  • Author: Beverley Kendall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lord James Rutherford fights the inexorable demise of his bachelorhood with every sane bone in his body But the single minded pursuit of the delectable Missy Armstrong entering her fourth London Season proves his undoing Just as he s decided to risk the wrath of her brother his friend and right the wrong of their indiscretion, James discovers the consequences of a forgLord James Rutherford fights the inexorable demise of his bachelorhood with every sane bone in his body But the single minded pursuit of the delectable Missy Armstrong entering her fourth London Season proves his undoing Just as he s decided to risk the wrath of her brother his friend and right the wrong of their indiscretion, James discovers the consequences of a forgotten night of drunken passion has left yet another lady of ton compromised.For Millicent Missy Armstrong, being ruined by the man of her dreams is nothing to wring her hands and bury her face in her hands about But when an offer of marriage isn t immediately forthcoming, and whispers of James s betrothal to another reaches her ears, there isn t an acre of land on the Continent far enough on which to escape Then, in an abrupt reversal, James is back on her doorstep with the offer she d yearned to receiveo weeks and one fianc e too late.In the face of her unwavering refusal, James launches a war to win back her passion, her trust, and her love A war as ruthless as it is seductive With the wounds of her heartbreak still fresh and raw, can he convince her that far from the second choice, she has always been the only choice for him A delightful debut Beverley Kendall writes with wit and passion Sophie Jordan, USA Today bestselling author A fresh new voice in historical romance Anna Campbell, author of Captive of Sin I loved Sinful Surrender All I could think was, I want James I want two of him Alissa Johnson, author of Tempting FateBook 1 in The Elusive Lords seriesOther books in the seriesBook 2 A Taste of DesireBook 2.5 Novella All s Fair in Love Seduction Download it Free Book 3 An Heir of Deception

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    • This was such a wonderful book by new author Beverley Kendall. I found the characters so appealing and I was completely drawn into their story. I had a hard time putting this book down.I loved the heroine Missy who was madly in love with her brother's best friend James for years. And what a wonderful and sexy hero James is! I also really liked Missy's brother Thomas and I am really looking forward to reading his own story in Beverley Kendall's upcoming new book, A TASTE OF DESIRE.I found this a [...]

    • Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (romantic-rosesblog)Book 1 in the Elusive Lords SeriesWow. Lord James Rutherford was a sexy, hot mess. He knows, at least, that he’s sexy. It was hard to determine if he knew he was a mess until the very end and then, trust me, he knew. Lady Missy (Milicent) Armstrong is our gracious heroine, who loves James with all her heart despite his nastiness when he tries to drive her away. It was sad to see that love [...]

    • A debut novel with the promise of a good series. I love how I got a feel for the author's knowledge of the time frame without boring me with useless details. The plot was one that we have seen before. Millicent "Missy" Armstrong has been infatuated with her brother's close friend James Rutherford. Through the years the yearning has turn into love and Missy plans to get James to notice her. James does start to see Missy as a desirable woman but she is off limits to him but one night when she push [...]

    • I started/stopped this book so many times but DNFI just couldn't get past the Unemotional Virginal Love SceneThe word 'Dry' comes to mindAlso I just can't relate to a women wanting to marry a man without the cajones to stand up to her family and let them know he wanted/loved her!!! Maybe he did in the end?That being said, I enjoyed many aspects of this book,the descriptions of place/times,the dialogue between the H/hetcI'll try another book from this author and hope the love scenes are 'wet' and [...]

    • Millicent “Missy” Armstrong yearns for the love of her brother’s good friend, James Rutherford. Missy will do whatever she can to claim him as her own. James has always treated Missy like a younger sister, but as she finally makes her debut into Society, he can no longer deny that she has grown into a very beautiful woman. Lately, he’s been having a very strange reaction to her, one that involves the hardening of a certain area of his anatomy. (think constant cock stand). He can’t give [...]

    • Millicent Armstrong has gone about her seduction of James Rutherford all wrong. Three years ago, fresh on the marriage market, she literally threw herself on top of him, showing him quite well what she intended for him. James, a good friend of Missy’s brother, Thomas Armstrong, definitely noticed Missy’s newly formed figure, but as any good gentlemen, pushed her away (and made sure his coat hid the front of his pants) before things could go further.Now, three years later, Missy is getting re [...]

    • Don't get me wrong, I love historical romance but the plot of this novel has been done before. I found it hard to enjoy this novel because I have read several books with the same storyline. In summary, this book is about a naive young woman who falls in love with one of her brother's friends when she was younger at some obscenely young age decides that she is going to marry him one day. Unfortunately, this female protagonists never grows out of her obsession with her brother's best friend and th [...]

    • Premise should have been intriguing.Sister falls in love with brother's best friend. Brother doesn't think friend is good enough for sister. Instead got a torturous boring plot. Plot is slow and not all that exciting. Even thought the hero was somewhat spineless for not fighting for our heroine. This story could have been told in 10 pages easily. Disappointed and probably won't pick up another by this author.

    • I love stories where the heroine chases the hero and Missy did chase James--relentlessly. Was she "obssessed" with him? Nah, just madly in love. Though the H/h both did some irritating things I still loved them both. Beautiful epilogue which shows there are potential stories coming--just hate the waiting!

    • I wanted to make this review as fair as I could so for the first time ever I took notes while I read. I was irritated to the point where taking notes didn't distract me and that never happens, I couldn't do it for assigned reading at school.I like to think of myself as a very forgiving reader, whether by design or accident I rarely dislike a book I read.Missy is the reason I disliked this book, in fact if it weren't in a series and I hadn't wanted to read the next one, it'd be a dnf because of h [...]

    • I really liked this book. It was so funny and heartbreaking at the same time. I rarely find books that can make me laugh my ass off and cry at the same time. It's hard stuffhard, hard stuff.This is the story of Missy and James. James has known Missy since she was a small child, who having recently lost her beloved father, needed the comfort of someone who had the time and patience for her. James was there for Missy, becoming her playmate (even though he was several years older) and caring for he [...]

    • Overall Rating: 3.00 // Action: 0 / Emotion: 4.25 / Romance: 4.5 / Sensuous: 3.5 / Intrigue: 1 / Regency Flavor: 3 / Humor: 8 / Tears: 4.5Have to admire Beverley Kendall's efforts for her debut book, Sinful Surrender (book one in The Elusive Lords Series). Sinful Surrender tells the story about Thomas Armstrong's sister, Millicent, chasing his best friend, the future Earl of Windmere, James Rutherford. Missy has had a crush on James since he befriended her upon the death of her father when she w [...]

    • Story and Writing StyleMissy has had a rather unhealthy—or healthy, depending on how you look at it—obsession with her brother’s best friend, James. Some rather fancy footwork by her own doing had them both tumbled on the ground, arms entwined, and her mouth pressed against his. Ever since then, she hasn’t been able to forget about him…nor has he of her.Now Missy has flown through a few Seasons making more than a few men unhappy by turning down their proposals, all because of her admir [...]

    • This is exactly the kind of story that always made me want to do a happy dance.The author didn't even waste one chapter. The encounter in the library really shows a lot! Sure, the heroine is desperately in love with the hero. No one would doubt that. And he is really trying his hardest to avoid her advances even if it was the last thing on his mind. I never thought a girl could be ruthless in seducing the poor guy! lol.This story is short in terms of pages but I think a lot has happened. That re [...]

    • Overall rating: 4 starsPlot: 4 starsCharacter development: H-5, h-5Character likeability : H-5, h-4Sexual tension/ buildup: 5Erotic descriptiveness: 5Erotic frequency : 2-3xWriting fluency/flow/ grammar/ word usage: 5Denouement: 5Beverley Kendall is quickly becoming a favorite author. This book, although it has a rather irritating heroine's actions that start off the novel, became one that I could not put down. Her historical writing style is consistent with the era, making the novel flow and re [...]

    • A: Kendall's debut work reminds me a LOT of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books, which is highest praise coming from me. James was, in turn, the protective older-brother, the secretive loner, and the incorrigible rake. I loved him! Missy held her own, transforming from a girl with a youthful crush to a stubborn woman who could hold her own and wanted to take care of herself. There were times when, despite the romance novel aspects, I wasn't sure things would work out for the two main characters, so t [...]

    • Set in 1852 England the story of Missy Armstrong and James Rutherford. I couldn't relate with the heroine in the story her whole focus was to have sex with the hero, where as the hero was easy to relate to. He was trying to do the right thing and everyone was after him about one thing or the other. The writing style was excellent but the story was to centered around sex for my taste.

    • The characters really leapt off the page. I found myself emotionally invested in the book and sad when it ended, like saying goodbye to a friend.

    • I’m in love with the historical romance genre, and I’m always on the lookout for a new series to dive into. When I saw a twitter friend tweeting about Sinful Surrender, I was immediately intrigued. While there are elements of the “childhood crush/unrequited love” story line, there are definitely twists and departures that the reader hooked. In fact, when I started reading, I couldn’t stopI was literally up all night reading even though I had an early morning lecture. And then I came ho [...]

    • Really forward, this girl. I can't even imagine being her. She's too forward and headstrong, she doesn't have an ounce of shame. All of my thoughts went flying. All I cam say is that this is a great first novel to a series. But girrrrrl what happened to the future duke of Wiltshire? Favorite line: “I see you have decided to brave the lion’s den.” - AlexOh I do so love Alex. I can imagine his boyish smile and his dimples. Oh my god.But girl, don't be fooled. All my affections are for my Mat [...]

    • DNF the writing was not bad but I hated (h) missy, I felt like she had no pride constantly throwing herself at H and this was continuous, even when rebuffed she just couldn't do anything other than offer it on a plate.

    • Delightful! This was a wonderful book to read! Had everything, twists & turns, intrigue, laughter, everything! I'm starting on the next books!

    • Dieses Buch habe ich beim Stöbern in der Buchhandlung gesehen und ich lese doch sehr gern "historische Liebesromane", sie sind halt wie normale Liebesromane, halt nur mit historischem Hintergrund und auch die Umgangssprache ist halt der Zeit angepasst, dennoch mag ich diese Bücher sehr, denn es stecken sehr oft richtig gute Geschichte dahinter und genauso ist es bei diesem Buch.Schon von der ersten Seite an wusste ich, dass dies ein Wohlfühlbuch ist und mich die Geschichte von Anfang an packt [...]

    • This review can also be found here- thebookboudoir/20After reading A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall and enjoying it so much I wanted to read more. I discovered that she's writing what appears to be a series. I couldn't wait to make a trip to the book store so I ordered it on my Kindle and spent a day reading. I don't know what else to say other than it did not disappoint. I wish I'd realized this was the first book before reading A Taste of Desire but it didn't take away from my enjoyment i [...]

    • Missy Armstrong has been in love with her brother's best friend for years, ever since she was a child really.James has been aware of Missy but has also been warned off of any entanglement by her brother who "knows" that James could not make Missy happy. Unfortunately, James has little to no belief in the possibility of a happy marriage in the ton. After all, his own parents' marriage proved to him that he would one day, in the far future, marry - then go on about his usual business of bedding wh [...]

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