Blood Ex mercenary Hank Mitchell gets five years hard time for stealing a tubful of women s underwear In prison Mitch finds the peace he needs to write his own story a saga of family deception sexual obse

  • Title: Blood
  • Author: Jack Remick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ex mercenary Hank Mitchell gets five years hard time for stealing a tubful of women s underwear In prison, Mitch finds the peace he needs to write his own story a saga of family deception, sexual obsession, and contract killing Now his time is up and his family want him out and back in the killing game

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      Novelist, poet Author of Citadel, the novel Blood The California Quartet The Deification Book One Valley Boy Book Two The Book of Changes Book Three Trio of Lost Souls Book Four Gabriela and The Widow Winner Best Women s Fiction Orangeberry Virtual Book Expo Montaigne Medal Finalist Book of the Year Award Finalist co author of The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery with Robert J Ray Satori poems by Jack RemickDoubles in a Game of Chance a novel about a bureaucratic nightmare and a lost protagonist on a thankless quest.

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    • Blood is a visceral experience, taking you deep inside the skin of a killer, where you will find him both repulsive and relatable. Jack Remick writes prose with such poetic fluidity and effortlessly calls beliefs on humanity into the spotlight to be rigorously challenged. The urge to intellectualize this story may arise, but to feel and live inside it is to truly unlock its power.Mitch has put considerable effort into earning a five year sentence in prison. The laughable offense of stealing wome [...]

    • Like other reviews said, this book is not a romance, not by a long shot. It's brutal, violent, gory, disturbing with detailed descriptions of many monstrous murders, real or imaginary, and the dark sides of human nature. Needless to say it's not for the faint of heart. At times I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. It's no exaggeration to say that this book wore me out, mentally. However, it also can't be denied that it's an amazing book, the kind of book makes me become depressed but think ab [...]

    • The book covered so much and has so many layered parts to it, I will never do justice to the experience. As I read this on my kindle, I threw up passages from the book almost every day. I love books that reference other books; they work like an introduction to new worlds. 'Blood' not only referenced titles that were relevant to me, it also covered some familiar topics: creative process, freedom, writing, plus philosophy and classic erotic literature. What base element of life does not make an ap [...]

    • While looking on Am. for my usual escapist gay fiction I stumbled on this book which is neither escapist nor exactly gay-themed. It also escapes any easy classification and I found it impossible to determine a genre for it.What I consider certain is that with this work the boundaries of fiction are tresspassed and the reader lands directly into fine literature.Being a work of art does not prevent it from having flaws, even considerable ones.A deluge of words is unleashed on the unsuspecting read [...]

    • Like other noteworthy authors of literary fiction, Jack Remick challenges the inquiring reader to engage his novel BLOOD on several levels. To delve inside the mind of narrator and ex-mercenary Hank Mitchell’s daily prison routines, ruminations, and relationships, is to catch a disquieting glimpse of oneself in his prison cell’s mirror. I simultaneously loathed Mitch for his unregenerate acts while esteeming his profound understanding of the human condition. Several times I had to place the [...]

    • This book didn’t grab me right away, but I persisted because of mutual acquaintance with the author. Around page 50 I realized I was hooked, and *loved* that I didn’t know how or where it hooked me. Gross in places, but probably no worse than Anne Rice. Fun, unreliable narrator.

    • Reposted from Eleanor Parker Sapia's amazon review: goo/tQjJ82By Eleanor Parker SapiaVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Blood (Paperback)Master storyteller, Jack Remick, is one of my favorite authors, and although I'd heard this book was quite graphic, I knew I would appreciate his brilliant writing. I wasn’t disappointed--Blood is a beautifully written, haunting, visceral novel, unlike anything I’ve ever read. Blood will make you squirm, check the back door, and turn on the [...]

    • I don’t read a lot of thrillers, but when I do it is usually James Patterson, John Sanford, or Joseph Garber, all masters of the craft. However, being one of the select who now belong to the Camel Press family, I had occasion to read a book call Blood, by Jack Remick.Much to my chagrin, I have come to realize that although I LOVE this book, I had not bothered to post a review! Boy, do I feel like a prize idiot, considering that I write reviews on this very blog and on Slacker Heroes. I can onl [...]

    • You've got to have a strong stomach to read this book! The main character gets himself in prison by stealing women's underwear, but he is a killer who worked to wipe out native tribes and insurgents in South America for his brother-in-law, who runs a corporation. Only a good writer could evoke such compassion for a prisoner who kills. He uses his time in prison to write about his past. There are many characters we meet, the lover in prison who he kills after a betrayal, the lover who takes his p [...]

    • Mitch had his vas deferens cut so he could shoot only blanks. He's a killer and predator whose divine solution is to end his family line. His past is clogged with murders, his hands guided by the many evil incarnations of his brother-in-law. Hiding in an institution behind a fetish for ladies underwear, he reminds me of a deadly and learned version of the deaf/mute Native American Chief in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest", feared and watchful. He's a professor of death discovering his past, scra [...]

    • I bought this book a few month ago. I only read the first two chapters. I save it as special treat. I always have my kindle with me. so if I am stuck in elevator or a airport, this will be my read. The writing is absolutely stunning. I have read a lot of books, but the writing in the book tops all others. It is a cascade of powerful, raw low of emotionsThe main character is not the brightest one you will come across, but can't help but love him. He has dark mind. He's divinely talented,unmistaka [...]

    • I read Jack Remick's novel, Blood, with trepidation. The author throws the characters and action at you with a vengeance. This read is not for the faint of heart! I hesitated at the turn of every page, never knowing what graphic event was going to jump out at you. By the time I reached the last page, I was afraid to turn out the lights. Good thing I have a big dog!

    • My blurb for Blood:Blood does not read so much as it pours forth, lava-hot, like a force of nature. Mitch the killer, collector of ears, Mitch the lover, writing in prison on toilet paper, opens an artery in the American psyche. Jack Remick may be the Jean Genet of the 21st Century.

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